About us

Growing up I was surrounded by great cooks and bakers. My mom often tried new recipes and my sister and I were happy to be the official tasters. She always had something sweet to end each family meal. Of course, there were also the traditional family recipes passed on from generation to generation. Those desserts were treated with awe and respect. When I first married, still a novice in the kitchen, I became the lucky recipient of those family recipes. I copied them by hand in my book and have been using them time and time again. Practice really does make perfect.


Many of our dessert recipes were passed from generation to generation. They have endured the test of time and are still as wonderful as ever. We are always on the lookout for more.


Flavor is our first priority. If you are going to indulge, it has to be worth it.


Often dessert is the high note of the meal and it must be special. We will work with you to make it memorable.


To ensure the flavor, the richness and decadence of the desserts, only the best ingredients are considered. Real butter, dark chocolate, fresh and whole ingredients.

“Desserts with Heart”

Our products

The desserts you will find here are traditional in nature with a modern approach. We offer four different categories of desserts, the more to tempt you with. Keep an eye out for new products as we find and perfect them for you.

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How to order

Please fill in the order form and send to the baker. Please include any special instructions and allergies. The baker will contact you, confirm the order and take your payment information. Once we confirm your payment, the order will get under way and will be delivered to your door.

Payments must be made in advance using E-transfer. E-transfer to be made to the email info@the sassybaker.ca OR 1 (647) 549-4442